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SHTTPD (Simple HTTPD) SHTTPD is a lightweight, easy to use web server. It also can be used as a library that provides web server functionality, to create web interface for C/C++ applications. 4 Jun Hosting applications in IIS on Windows. Tiny HTTPd. SourceForge Deals. Top Searches. shttpd · sw-httpd · simple httpd · mongoose. 14 Nov SHTTPD as a light web server. Introduction. Simple HTTPd, a.k.a. shttpd, is a single-EXE web server available for Windows and Linux that can.

shttpd = shttpd is an HTTP server written entirely in POSIX shell script. == Why? == Because you can! Also, there are some real advantages: * Compact. shttpd is small, fast and easy to use web server with CGI, SSL, Digest Authorization support. It can be run as stand-alone server, be managed by inetd( 8), or be. 19 Dec SHTTPD is a lightweight web server. The main design goals are the ease of use and the ability to embed into existing programs. Ideal for.

SHTTPD is small, fast and easy to use web server. It supports CGI, SSL, Digest Authorization. The unique feature of SHTTPD is the ability to. According to the site you link, you have to use the command nmake win. to build on windows. Edit From the site you linked: Download the source package. Mongoose - easy to use web server. Overview. Mongoose is an embedded HTTP and WebSocket library that can turn anything into a web server in 5 minutes by.


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